CyberWork and the American Dream

by Chad Cannon

An apocalyptic mood afflicts America. Fear of what is to come challenges faith in science, government, and human survival. Popular films paint a 'Hunger Games' future of superlative technology and growing inequality. Politicians praise a past in which America "was" great. Tech leaders talk of escaping to Mars and providing a guaranteed income to the displaced and alienated masses. Since the start of the Industrial Revolution, people have feared being replaced by machines. Today these fears have grown to epic proportions. Many wonder how American families will survive. Blending daring archival footage with interviews from luminaries such as chess champion Garry Kasparov, columnist Thomas Friedman, 'Shark Tank' entrepreneur Mark Cuban, inventor Astro Teller, and historian Niall Ferguson, Cyberwork and the American Dream looks at the coming impact of Artificial Intelligence on jobs. It skewers doomsday worries while pointing to the urgent need for better responses by business and government. The film also delves into individual responsibility. Everyone, young and old, must continue to learn.

Directed by James Shelley and written by historian Elizabeth Cobbs. This film is scheduled for a national release in early 2019.

Score recorded by AFM musicians in Los Angeles - album release information coming soon!